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The G2T23WB boat model, one of the three models in the newly developed G2T23 series.

The new T6C fishing canoe.

The multipurpose Euro19Ex boat model with outboard engines.

The interior of a customized master's cabin of the Euro19Ex boat model.

The new G2T23PC custom built as Ambulance/Mobile Clinic.

Some boat engine options that may be installed at customer's request.

Who Are We? What Do We Do? Why Choose Us?


Touchstone Boat Builders Ltd is an indigenous Nigerian company with extensive expertise in building multifarious high quality fibreglass boats for a variety of applications.

We are known for anything that has to do with Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP).

We manufacture to satisfy your peculiar individual needs and troubleshoot challenging technical situations.


Latest Designs

You will never stop asking! We will never stop designing and meeting your needs! We are up to the task! We keep abreast of the time!


Boats and Non-boats

Our rich product range consists of fibreglass boats and non-boat products.

The latter may be virtually any item of everyday household or industrial application. A few examples are:

Tanks for various liquids, baths, swimming pools, fish ponds, corrugated roofing sheets, seats and tables, panels and partitions, and many more.

Even if the idea only exists in your imagination, just talk to our ever ready team of technical experts and it will become a reality.


Boats of Various Models and Sizes

Pick your choice from our unique range.

Big or small. Manual or motorized. Open or covered...

Canoes. Utilities. Personnel Carriers. Waterbuses. Executives. Ferries...

We've got it! Just for you!


Boats for Various Applications

Approach your boat selection from the angle of what it is to be used for.

Most of our boat models can be adapted for various applications...

Fishing. Mass transit. Short crossing. Surveillance/Patrol. Ambulance/Mobile clinic. Crew shuttle. Cargo haulage. Pleasure...

Just let us know your intended use and we will assist you with the boat selection.


Customize Your Boat

Yes, why not! Give your boat that unique design that befits your unique taste. Let your boat represent you.

Enjoy ample flexibility in the areas of...

  • Colour

  • Layout

  • Structure
  • Logo

  • Facilities

  • Engines...



Depending on the boat model, you may choose your preferred type of engine and propulsion system...

Outboards or inboards

Stern drives or water jets

Petrol or diesel...


Aftersales Support

Enjoy unrivalled aftersales relationship in the areas of...

Boat refurbishing

Engine maintenance

Technical training...


Skill Acquisition Programmes

We offer training for youth empowerment in the following areas...

Fibreglass boat building and maintenance

Engine maintenance

Boat operation and marine transport...