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Photos here do not necessarily represent any particular version of this boat model. See the various sections below for the applicable features of the standard version, custom-built versions and other available options.

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Various designs

Ambulance. Exterior side view
Ambulance. Interior side view
Ambulance. Smooth interior walls. Purpose-built lockers
Front boarding door. Windows - perspex
Front boarding door. Windows - perspex. Console position - front. Seat type - single seats, plain. Centre aisle
Front boarding door. Windows - framed glass, fixed/sliding. Console position - front. Seat type - single seats, padded. Centre aisle. TV/DVD

Ambulance/ Mobile Clinic

Features: Patient's bed(1). Oxygen cylinder(1). Stretcher(1). Drip hooks(2). Drug lockers. Doctor's desk. Consultation seat. Nurse's seat. Extra seats(5). Revolving light(1). Fibreglass fuel tanks, 100L(2). Fire extinguisher(1).


This Personnel Carrier boat model is suitable for the following applications in its various versions (standard, custom-built or other available options):

  • Mass Transit
  • Surveillance/ Patrol
  • Ambulance/ Mobile Clinic
  • Work/ Crew Shuttle
  • Survey
  • Pleasure

Technical Specifications

Length (without engines)7.05m (23')
Width Overall2.20m (7')
Height (incl. superstructure)1.70m (5' 7") (Shallow hull) or
2.00m (6' 7") (Deep hull)
Max Load*2100kg (Shallow hull) or
2800kg (Deep hull)
Max Engine Power200HP
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Single 85-115HP or
Double 85HP

*Max Load = Engines + Fuel + Personnel + Cargo.

Standard Version

Height (incl. superstructure)1.70m (5' 7") (Shallow hull)
Seat TypeCross benches (4), Wooden, Padded
Passenger Capacity16
Crewman Seats1
G2 Moulded Interior WallsYes
G2 Seat CarriersYes
Rear CabinTarpaulin on roof and sides
BoardingSides only
Cabin FlooringNone (Optional)
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush
Console PositionAmidships
Sitting Hand RailsNone (Optional)
D-Rubber FenderNone (Optional)
Transom Height20in
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Double 85HP
Steering SystemCable
Fuel TanksNone (Optional)
WindowsPerspex with rubber fitting. Non-sliding
Windscreen WiperNone (Optional)
ElectricalsNavigation lights (3 - port, starboard, masthead). Searchlight (1). Horn (1). Battery (1 per electric engine)
Standard AccessoriesDrain plug (1), Paddle (1), Inflatable Side Fenders (4)

Available Options

Height (incl. superstructure)1.70m (5' 7") (Shallow hull) or
2.00m (6' 7") (Deep hull)
Passenger Capacity*Max 20
Seat Type: Cross benchesCross benches (max 4), Half benches (max 2), Wooden or Fibreglass, Plain or Padded
Seat Type: Single seats, Centre aisleMax 20 seats, Fibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded
Crewman Seats2
Cabin FlooringYes or No
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush, Non-slip brush or Non-slip moulded
Rear CabinTarpaulin on roof and sides or Fibreglass roof with tarpaulin on sides
BoardingSide only or Side and Front
Console PositionFront+ or Amidships
Sitting Hand RailsYes or No
D-Rubber FenderYes or No
Transom Height20in or 25in
EnginesAs stated in the Technical Specifications
Steering SystemHydraulic
WindowsFramed glass, fixed/sliding
Windscreen WiperYes or No
Optional Accessories- Under-seat Tool Box
- Fuel Can Wedge (Fuel cans not included.)
- Fibreglass Fuel Tanks (2x100L)
- Wooden Foot-match
- Sign-writing

*Passenger capacity is subject to seating arrangement and max load specification.
+Front console goes with hydraulic steering.

Custom Built

Instances of Customized Designs

  • Single seats on cross benches.
  • Single seats with centre aisle.
  • Logo and corporate branding.
  • Lockable master's cabin.
  • Cooler and cup holders for drinks.
  • Ambulance/ Mobile Clinic.
  • Surveillance/ Patrol boat.
  • Survey boat.