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Photos here do not necessarily represent any particular version of this boat model. See the various sections below for the applicable features of the standard version, custom-built versions and other available options.


This Canoe boat model is suitable for the following applications in its various versions (standard, custom-built or other available options):

  • Fishing
  • Short Crossing

Technical Specifications

Length Overall7.00m (22')
Width Overall1.30m (4')
Height of Hull0.52m (20")
Max Load*900kg
PropulsionPaddle or Engine
Max Engine Power8HP
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Single 8HP

*Max Load = Engines + Fuel + Personnel + Cargo.

Standard Version

Seat TypeCross benches, Wooden and Fibreglass, Plain
No. of Benches5 (wooden – 2, fibreglass beams - 3)
Passenger Capacity10
Fish BoxNone (Optional)
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush
ElectricalsNone (Not applicable)
Standard AccessoriesPaddle (1)

Available Options

Seat TypeCross benches, All Wooden, Plain
No. of BenchesMax 6
Passenger Capacity*Max 12
Fish BoxYes or No
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush or Non-slip brush
PropulsionPaddle or Engine
Transom Height20in
EnginesAs stated in the Technical Specifications
Optional AccessoriesSignwriting

*Passenger capacity is subject to seating arrangement and max load specification.

Custom Built

Instances of Customized Designs

  • Logo and corporate branding.
  • Flexible interior layouts.