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Boats > Models > T21U Utility

Photo Gallery

Photos here do not necessarily represent any particular version of this boat model. See the various sections below for the applicable features of the standard version, custom-built versions and other available options.

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Set 1
Set 2

Various designs

5 wooden benches, plain. Sign-writing
6 wooden benches, plain. Sitting hand rails
2-colour corporate branding. Steering console
Sign-writing. Steering console. Fuel can wedge. Extra half bench. With 115HP engine
With 115HP engine. Test run
With 115HP engine. Test run

2-colour corporate branding. Steering console. Wooden foot match at bow. With 115HP engine


This Utility boat model is suitable for the following applications in its various versions (standard, custom-built or other available options):

  • Mass Transit
  • Cargo Haulage
  • Survey

Technical Specifications

Length (without engines)6.52m (21')
Width Overall1.90m (6')
Height of Hull1.00m (3' 3")
Max Load*2100kg
Max Engine Power150HP
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Single 25-115HP (or Double 40-75HP on custom-built versions only)

*Max Load = Engines + Fuel + Personnel + Cargo.

Standard Version

Seat TypeCross benches (4), Wooden, Plain
Passenger Capacity16
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush
Transom Height20in
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Single 115HP
Fuel TanksNone (Optional)
Steering SystemTiller handle
ElectricalsNone (Optional)
Standard AccessoriesDrain plug (1), Paddle (1)

Available Options

Passenger Capacity*Max 24
Seat Type: Cross benchesMax 6 benches, Wooden or Fibreglass, Plain or Padded, Max 24 passengers
Seat Type: Single seats, Centre aisleMax 6 rows, Fibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, Max 12 passengers
Seat Type: Single seats ( with attachment centre aisle seats )+Max 6 rows, Fibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, Max 18 passengers
Interior Deck SurfacePlain brush or Non-slip brush
Sitting Hand RailsYes or No
D-Rubber FenderYes or No
Steering ConsoleYes or No
ElectricalsYes or No
Transom Height20in or 25in
EnginesAs stated in the Technical Specifications
Optional Accessories- Under-seat Tool Box
- Fuel Can Wedge (Fuel cans not included.)
- Fibreglass Fuel Tank
- Wooden Foot-match
- Sign-writing

*Passenger capacity is subject to seating arrangement and max load specification.
+Attachment seats can be removed instantly and effortlessly to allow free movement along the aisle. No backrest on attachment seats.

Custom Built

Instances of Customized Designs

  • Single seats on cross benches.
  • Single seats with centre aisle.
  • Attachment centre aisle seats.
  • Steering console.
  • Tarpaulin awning.
  • Logo and corporate branding.
  • Survey boat.
  • Double engines.