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Boats > Models > T27WB Water Bus

Photo Gallery

Photos here do not necessarily represent any particular version of this boat model. See the various sections below for the applicable features of the standard version, custom-built versions and other available options.

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Set 1

Mass transit water bus

Features: Sliding framed windows. Rear cabin door. Front and back rails. Double 200HP engines. Life raft on roof (optional). Double windscreen wipers (Standard is 1)


This Water Bus boat model is suitable for the following applications in its various versions (standard, custom-built or other available options):

  • Mass Transit
  • Surveillance/ Patrol
  • Ambulance/ Mobile Clinic
  • Work/ Crew Shuttle
  • Cargo Haulage
  • Survey

Technical Specifications

Length (without engines)8.24m (27')
Width Overall2.44m (8')
Height (incl. superstructure)2.40m (7' 10")
Max Load*2400kg
Max Engine Power400HP
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Single 115-250HP or Double 85-200HP

*Max Load = Engines + Fuel + Personnel + Cargo.

Standard Version

Seat Type: Double seats, Centre aisle 5 rows, Fibreglass, Backrest, Padded
Passenger Capacity20
Crewman Seats2
BoardingRear only
D-Rubber FenderNone (Optional)
Transom Height20in for double engines;
25in for single engine
Recommended EnginesOutboard, Double 115HP
Console PositionFront
Steering SystemHydraulic
Fuel Tank Capacity300L
ElectricalsNavigation lights (4 - port, starboard, masthead, stern). Searchlight (1). Horn (1). Battery (1 per electric engine). Bilge pump (1). Windscreen wiper (1). Radio/DVD player (1). Fuel tank gauge (2)
Standard AccessoriesPaddle (1), Inflatable Side Fenders (6)

Available Options

Passenger Capacity*Max 30
Seat Type: Single seats, 5 rows, Centre aisleFibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, 20 passengers
Seat Type: Single seats, 5 rows (with attachment centre aisle seats)+ Fibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, 25 passengers
Seat Type: Single seats, 6 rows, Centre aisleFibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, 24 passengers
Seat Type: Single seats, 6 rows (with attachment centre aisle seats)+Fibreglass, Backrest, Plain or Padded, 30 passengers
Boarding Rear and front++
D-Rubber FenderYes or No
Transom Height 20in or 25in for double engines;
25in or 30in for single engine
EnginesAs stated in the Technical Specifications
Steering SystemCable (Not recommended)
Optional Accessories-Anchor
-Life raft (on roof)

*Passenger capacity is subject to seating arrangement and max load specification.
+Attachment seats can be removed instantly and effortlessly to allow free movement along the aisle. No backrest on attachment seats.
++Front boarding is a customized feature. Crewman seats may be reduced from 2 to 1.

Custom Built

Instances of Customized Designs

  • Customized seats and seating arrangement.
  • Sleeping bed.
  • TV/Video entertainment.
  • Logo and corporate branding.
  • Lockable master's cabin.
  • Cooler and cup holders for drinks.
  • Ambulance/Mobile clinic boat.
  • Surveillance/Patrol boat.
  • Survey boat.
  • Engine options.